Para sa dating mga taga Telecom

Happy V Day para sa mga dating taga telecom na mahilig sa HELLO One Hello If you're not afraid Of what love brings Then endings are beginning Of beautiful things It's a chance you take A chance you're in If someone's gonna find you First you gotta let them in... CHORUS (Oh) Coz love begins with one hello The hardest part is over So it's easy letting go One hello, is how it starts You might win in love While lose your heart. If you're not afraid Of what you feel Then try and keep it simple But try and keep it real And if being real Means you're someday say goodbye Remember my friend, that was not the end It's a circle you know And it's starts with one hello (Repeat Chorus except last two lines) Remember my friend That was nothing It's a circle you know And it starts, it starts with one hello. It's starts with one hello.


A Rose

• The softness of its petal still dampen your skin, Days after it dries up • Like the light of a star that reaches the earth years after it dries up • And to be imprisoned by her smile that she left lingering in the air Years after she walked into your life…. • And still …her memories lingers on… • And yes…no other beauty can replaces her…. • And yes…that’s the beauty of a rose


You ( My Funny Valentine )

You ( My Funny Valentine ) • You were there when times and emotions are low…. • You were there when all was lost and you have saved everything for me • You were there when I tried to grope in the dark and lead me thru the darkest time • You were there when I tried to push you away but deep me inside I needed you • You were there when I was alone and your presence made me survive thru the day • You were there to offer your undying love and was not hurt for ignoring you • You were there even in your simplest existence…. • You were there….always


Wala Lang

As I wake up this cold January morning I found myself beside a woman whom I have known for the last twenty four years, • A woman who mothered my great sons • A woman who shares my pain and sufferings • A woman that love me with no condition • A woman who can beat me in cooking dishes ….well….except for adobo, sinigang, lengua and paella, apritada by the way, which I learned to cook in Paris while a telecom engineer, and applied this cooking in Pinoy settings….. • I take great pride in having this woman as my wife… • And as I wake up everyday, catching my breath, with a sigh, seeing every little things made beautiful by this woman , damn….this woman has made everything in my life ….beautiful….and I wanna thank her for that