You, an arrogant lying son of a bitch

Back in the 80’s me and my future wife, ( ginigirian ko pa lang siya noon, I mean nililigawan) , nasa likod kami ng film center facing manila bay, after an hour jogging, Tinanong niya ako, do you have been in love, sagot ko, not until I met you, she shouted back, you an arrogant lying son of a bitch, ang misis ko , mahina ang preno niya sa bibig niya, kaya tumawa lang ako, sabi, look I have nothing to prove to you regarding my past relationship, I admit it, sometimes bolero ako, pero, no hidden emotional intention below the iceberg ang pambobola ko sa ibang office mate mo sa MHQ, or if you heard from the chismis stations in the building or comfort room conversations, sabi ko sa kanya..I wanna say this, if i will not say this you, I will regret it for the rest of my life, what I am offering to you is my first love and hopefully my last love, whether you believe it or not It is the surest thing I know…I love you…the next thing I heard are only the sound of waves hitting the breakwater and a smile from her…

Terms of Endearment

Here is a tribute to one of my daily reads blogger and a fellow Torontonians, alam kong beuty and brain siya pero she is just writing what normal people feels, I know she is a real down to earth person( sabi nga nila sa Pandacan e, hindi siya Tupperware), even we have not meet personally, my apologies (Caco) if I post your feedback, but I feel this is the way how I justified your greatness in writing how simple people lives…Godspeed….Caco Terms of endearment Caco, eto serious na tong comment ko, alam mo, you have all the equipments, just read the manuals, what I mean to say is that you got the looks and the goods…hahaha…based on your posted pics e materyales fuertes ka, kung mag-mi-mini skirt ka, then maglakad ka sa yonge st, bay st, sa ayala , wall st o kahit tumulay ka sa alambre e pipituhan ka…hahaha, you don’t need those 100 % commitment…initially. What you need when you meet the guy is the magic, you will know na “hes da man, sisteh” when you see him and its magic component and love will find a way….and everything will fall into place…happy hunting…. 7:38 AM CaCofoNix said... manong techguy, tenk yu sa terms of endearment. tenk yu rin for believing in my construction materials este "materyales fuertes." araw-araw halos nilalakad ko ang buong stretch ng yonge and bloor streets (wandering aimlessly, in search of pito..ayayay!), i also got the chance to walk on a daily basis sa kahabaan ng bay and king streets; sa wall street, once lang, sa ayala - nabaybay ko na ang bawat sulok ng cemento. the only pito i got so far was when i was walkin' along Singalong one rainy day, many sun and moons ago - from the loitering istambays. as far as anything akin to that magical moment is concerned...i don't know, my problem is, even if i feel some magic, i run away....well, maybe you're right, it'll probably take that ONE SPECIAL MAGICAL KNOWING for me not to bolt out of the opportunity...:). bow ako guid sa iyong payo manong...domo arigato!


God Timing is Always Perfect,

God Timing is Always Perfect, • I should have not meet my future wife, that day, the suppose to be duty-plans- engineer was absent • I should have not granted European Telecom Scholarship Grant if I did not take my second engineering degree • I should have not gone to North America if I did not show up at Domestic airport for a Davao Job Inspection Trip while nursing a flu. • Thank YOU for all the blessings



During our wedding ceremony my promised was this….i promised to be your husband and to stay with you ….with no if’s and but’s and I will do that up to my last breath…my wife said …made a joke on me …even if Pops Fernandez (number one fans kasi ako ni Pops noon) will go with you for one night…I shouted back…make it two nights I will go…hehehe…I realized now that it just took me seconds to say that reassuring word…hehehe…does it sounds reassuring ba?…. but the commitment attached to it ….is a life long task …. ( and as I wake up every morning seeing my wife on my bed and sipping the best morning coffee prepared by the woman of my life )….doing this life long commitment for her day by day ...now on going for twenty-one years...and my wife is helping me to accomplished that…so help me God


i can not promise you anything

When I met my wife, my line was this…I am not trying to impressed you, I am not the boy next door type, I may not be your knight in shining armor, I can not promise you anything, but you can have my shoulder to cry on….the next line I heard from her…I needed you…


Diary of a Mad Black Woman

I know you don’t believe in fairy tale, but if you did, I wanted to be your knight in shining armor…Time heals the heart. Faith heals the rest…I wanted you to be my wife….just wake up every day in the morning and I will take it from there…. Tyler Perry