Email from E

Since we have moved to a middle class neighborhood when I was nine so many summers ago, my Dad was able to put a stable but just break-even business then, E and I became neighbors which we are just separated by an adobe bakod just 3 ft tall, my room and her room were almost at an aligned position, so kung gusto naming ng occasional childish talk we will just open our windows…I was 5 yrs older than E, so ang barkada niya is my only sister…M….which yours truly is her favorite kuya…, she practically grew up with my sister, they shared the same school from elementary to university, so it practically builds to my sister’s mind that E will be her sister in law and I will be the sacrificial lamb or safe to say I will be in the loosing side of their deal….hehehe…my sister is playing cupid with my young but fragile heart…then….which I don’t know then….hehehe…E even manages to get in to my telephone company just to be near me…she even had a Barry Manilow song for me…which she will always play in their stereo and she can delicately turn the volume knob just enough so the lyrics/music will reach my ears, and not to annoyed our neighbors of the repeated playing of this song, When P became my first and only girlfriend which eventually became my wife, the moment she heard this devastating news, my sister told me that E was unmanageable the whole week, I had crushed and broke E’s heart, she decided to accept a job offer in US just to mend a broken heart, which to myself I didn’t cause intentionally, before she left for US we had a deep emotional talk in one of the full moon in one of the Antipolo Hills over looking the glittering Manila Skyline…my rusty brain still remembers those emotional dialog…which are as follows…my line was this….I have always consider you as my other sister since I have only one which is M, I begin to notice this feeling of yours since you went to college, and I am afraid to ask, I know it would come to this….this feeling of goodbye … E’s dialog …I wanted you flesh and blood...since I was five, I have been holding on to this piece for years now, I love you, I have so much to say to you but I can not find the words…Damn you…why I am the only one crying ….I have just rcvd an E mail from E reminding me of her emotional outburst under a full moon in Antipolo this day – 29April, she is now happily married with 3 kids based in San Diego.


Message in a Bottle from my high school "ehem"

Last night I received a packaged forwarded to me my brother thru my company fedex account. This package I supposed to received 3 yrs ago in CHS Class 77 reunion, one of my high school friend has attended a technical conference in Tokyo and gave this to my bother. Part of the letter was this… You are too timid those days, napakuripot mong magsalita, hi, hello, musta ka na, - where your abused word those days, alam kong marami kang ambisyon noon, your time was too scarce, but you are ahead of our time, you never told me you love, you affection was my craving but I seldom felt it from you, but the moment we shared a coke transferred to a plastic bag and bar-b-queng saging on the corner of P sevilla and 10th ave always make my day, you are my unpaid mentor in algebra, physics, world history, I know everything, from you since we drifted apart in 1978, I know you will succeed, the moment I heard that you are going to Europe for a telecom scholarship, which I felt your defining moment in your telecom career…I guess…or your wife and five kids….i thought you will show up in our reunion 3 yrs ago so nagbalikbayan ako, alam kong there is only 1% probability that you will attend and fly 12000 miles just to see old faces, but I still hope….hope you will attend the reunion in 2007…is seven still one of you favorite number? Note: this message (letter) was inside the bottle which I bought in Tokyo, I know you like the color…still green and red? Just remove the cork and you can used it as a flower vase, putting long stem rose….still rose? Or tulips na….also a pre-recorded mini disk…alam kong may mini-disk ka diyan sa north america, also you left one in caloocan…try to play the songs you will like it… See you in 2007….. if fate and destiny permits… Still waiting…. Your high school “EHEM” Analysis: Gee, my high school “ehem” knows everything about me since she went to Japan, in the 80’s and I do not know about her …I may have an idea 3 yrs from now.. …she knows my favorite love songs…palagay ko marami siyang espiya sa mga pinsan ko sa Caloocan…I used to give her rose with long stem which I’ll always bought in dimasalang…pag malakas ang pasada ko sa trysikel during my high school days…the word “ehem” was coined during our high school days, coz tuwing lalapit siya sa akin ay nag-uubuhan na yong mga barkada noong high school…hehehe …siguro I will just equate that we are just best of friend or just plain mutual understanding…during my high school days….BTW it is her bday today 23Apr Lyrics of the songs(A Love Song, Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin, JUST TELL ME YOU LOVE ME) were posted on my other blog.


A Filipina who defined beauty

I was standing in front of Arc de Tromphe, (Paris 1997) I was wearing an air force jacket with matching ray-ban glasses and exposing my inside white t-shirt I bought in Baguio market with PMA logo on it. An Asian mestiza lady (unexpected stranger asking about my military career - do i have one? and race)suddenly stand in front of me and asked me …are you a military officer, feeling ko ako yong subdued navy pilot sa persona ni Tom Cruise sa TOPGUN…hehehe…I pulled down my ray-ban and said a blank face big NO…are you a Filipino…then I said a grumbling YES….I am Lucille ( not her real name) I worked in Air France as a marketing manager....so we start to talk in filipino…ah… taga airline industry ka pala..sabi ko do i look like a pilot to you? kanina mo pa ako pinagmamasdan no….malakas ang esp ko kasi..hehehe..sabi niya…oo… lam kong pinoy ka...marami ng namuong conclusyon sa likod ng aking utak habang tinititigan ko siya...ganda niya boy…mga 5 ft 8…lamang ng limang paligo kay Pops Fernandez…ang mata para laging iiyak….ang buhok sing-itim ng gabi...shiny, straight and shoulder length…walang sinabi ang katawan ni Vivian Velez…sabi ko taga telecom ako sa Pinas ….training ako sa Alcatel, ikaw? First posting ko ito as Paris, ….kape tayo…sabi ko…kape lang kasi medyo maliit lang ang allowance namin sa alcatel…so nagkape kami sa coffee shop along Champs Elysees…habang nagkakape kami...nahuli ko siyang tumitig sa wedding and college ring ko...then i redirected the conversation just to escaped her next question if i am already married, not for the sake i am denying it, but i am not the guy who will answer that personal question on that first meeting...so i redirected the conversation na ...sabi ko…I have been to places in Europe, meeting beautiful Filipinas…but you are different….you defined beauty….she just dropped a simple smile...paris was more romantic that day when we just parted our ways and say ..Au revoir


Medyo Late

My Dad (deceased) left me something of a trait, It is very hard for me to throw things that I accumulated thru the years, including my wife, my only wife….hehehe , I never throw her or I never intend to…hehehe, I noticed a valentine card and a CD I gave her in 1988 when I opened my baul last night…here is the song What matters most – Kenny Rankin It's not how long we held each other's hand What matters is how well we loved each other It's not how far we travelled on our way Of what we found to say It's not the spring you see, but all the shades of green It's not how long I held you in my arms What matters is how sweet the years together It's not how many summertimes we had to give to fall The early morning smiles we tearfully recall What matters most is that we loved at all. It's not how many summertimes we had to give to fall The early morning smiles we tearfully recall What matters most is that we loved at all. What matters most is that we loved at all. And the poem….. Whenever I think of Whenever I think of the time we first met, When you seemed Too special to ever forget, Whenever I think of The times you’ve been there, To talk with me, Laugh with me, Show me you care… Whenever I think of My time spent with you, When so many beautiful dreams Have come true, Whenever I think of How happy I’ve been I just fall in love All over again. Anonymous Happy Valentine’s P….


On Love

What is love, is this emotional phenomena really exist, or just plain emotional hypocrisy, is love worth dying for,or just lost your love in the process, waking up the next morning realizing that you cannot fulfilled this love, to love somebody or just to justify your emotional status quo, can we equate love with the theory of relativity?, or just be blinded by your own definition of love, is love selfish just need to be fulfilled, or someone to fulfill your needs, I know what love is? Love is that you don’t really care about yourself as much as you really care for the other person, Love is that you really want to sell you soul just to save the soul of the person you love...ahh i can not defined love ...since i have not yet removed my innocence...hehehe...teacher...can i just defined crush...hahaha

To Love and To Cherish

Why do men and women get married, with all the hustle and bustle of getting married, with all emotional, financial, economics and logistical nightmares to encounter during marriage preparations, getting married just to fulfill one’s promises,just to justify anything, just to get one parental mana, just for escaping some inevitable consequences, just to signed a piece of paper that will not really hold the test of time, or just for status quo, just to escape the reality that you are getting old and supposed to be married at that life's stage, or just to conquer the fear of the unknown and that getting married is the only logical solution, I know why do men and women get married, they have found love….and love conquers everything….


Thank you, for everything

You may not be perfect, but you made little things beautiful. Don’t even wonder for 30 seconds doubt that I do not love you, Thank you for reminding that what make life beautiful is that you always put color to a black and white situation, Thank you for letting me know that there is God no matter what happen, Thank you for giving me five sons, that shares my ideas and aspirations….and thank you for everything….

Don’t let your tears run dry

Don’t let me see you crying For crying will broke my heart Don’t let me see you sigh For only me understand who you are Don’t let me caught you feeling depressed For your problems I might not comprehend Just don’t let the sun go down Cause I know you will not walk-out on me…..


MI HIJO NUMERO CUATRO – a gifted child – Contest Results

MI HIJO NUMERO CUATRO – a gifted child – Contest Results Posting: 330 pm exam results My son won in male grade 8 category second place, his mom was his only audience when the winners were announced, (I was at the car since parking is pretty tight,)were presented to the cheering crowd and fellow classmate, my wife was pretty upset until his name was called, the last to be called were the top 2, he could have won if he finishes the exam, only 3 remaining math problems were left unanswered, the top place goes to a fellow Indian Gifted child, the guy has only one correct answer on the last 3 question, my son said that he could answer it right if has the time all the last 3 math problems and got the first place, anyway he also won the slot, he is going to provincial level of the Math Olympics in Sudbury, Ontario, he is the only Filipino born winner in that regional level…congrats…son…now you are going places Note: he is already assured of the number 2 slot in the graduating class, we will know it by June, their graduation month….if he will get the top slot – CLASS 2005 - VALEDICTORIAN, dapat ma-i-ready ko na ang aking video camera..tripod...and video -8 tape, May the Good Lord Help us…God Bless you…my son..mi Hijo numero cuatro

MI HIJO NUMERO CUATRO – a gifted child

MI HIJO NUMERO CUATRO – a gifted child Posting: 9am after I drophim off, parents are not allowed in the exam area. Today my fourth son is competing against the top 5 percent of graduating elementary of regional school in math and science, if he won he will be competing against the top 2 percent - province wide. My fourth son was born a gifted child, we did not noticed it, till we came to Canada per results of the evaluation of committee on gifted children , by the way, he shows this intellectual talent from nursery to grade 2 in the manila, he was evaluated when he enters grade 3 in Canada, and recommended to special French/English school. He just won math/software contest in University of Waterloo (was already assured of university slot) competing against the top 2 percent province wide. make us proud son…you can be the next Filipino born North American Astronaut someday…fly me to the moon …son… Note: he was already accepted in a special high school with no actual teachers in the classroom…the learning process is self-study ( based on the learning capability of the student) with weekly evaluation in both oral and written….and the good thing is….he can finished high school in two years…now he has a chance to go ahead of his batch…by the way number one is always associated with his name..he was born Jan 1, 1991- 1/1/91 he was born exactly 1 pm - new year's day…