About TECHGUY : aka kuya joey

About TECHGUY : aka kuya joey……..toronto based telecom engineer,an accidental tourist, world traveller related to my telecom job with too many emotional baggages
25% spanish, 25% chinese, 50% pinoy(25%cebuano,25%bicolano), ey........now a
canadien........I wanna wake-up each morning and breathe, cherished my little corner
of my small world, and to think that i have six people near me ( my beautiful wife
and five great sons - sa kanila lang umi-ikot ang mundo ko), and all the things i
have accomplished.........and promised not to asked for more........I was born on
the 8th minute of the 8th hour in the 8th day of the month on a friday morning as
the star constellation Sagittarius rises on the horizon that falls on a full moon
(14deg35min-north/120deg59min-east), planet Earth,Milky Way Galaxy, in the year of
Dirty Rat..in the zodiac sign of Cancer.Present Location -43deg41min
North/79deg38min West, Oh, come on, I am a relentless self-absorbed workaholic just
wanted to be anonymous, unwanted and sleek but aggressive. I hope i have satisfied
your cravings. batang tundo at kalookan:
dating jeepney driver: Sangandaan-Divisoria, Divisoria-Recto-Morayta, dating
engineer ng PLDT ngayon: Professional Engineers of Ontario member, wireless telecom
engineer pero walang mobilephone........OF COURSE I HAVE AN EAR FOR A BROKEN-HEARTED