"Oh..it was a million tiny little things when you added them all up it just meant we are supposed to be together and I knew it….i knew it the very first time I've touch her….it was like coming home, only to know home, I ever know …I just taking her hand….to help her out of the car…it was like magic"........one of my wife fave

"winter must be cold for those who have no warm memories, we almost missed the spring"........one of my wife's fave/ (BTW, my wife can also play the piano)


i'll never get tired of loving you........., the last time i've met a chinky-eyed girl / 26 years ago / i got hitched, "chinita" is always an emotional trap for me / why me?

'common admit it! you are the most quintessential naive woman i have ever met!


i need this to drive this


siguro kung meron tayong ika-walong araw pumapasada pa rin ako, bakit ganon ang buhay ng pinoy, tatlong kahig/isang tuka........


........wala lang

i remember we have a whirlwind romance that ended in a heartbrake


there is a beauty in waiting, wait for the rose to open up