bringing back the hands of time........digitally

........to my friend........A ( in Sakura Land)

"...anymore than you can come from where you haven't been," says Larry Wilson founder of Wilson Learning and Pecos River Learning. If you have, or own, qualities like compassion, kindness, wisdom then you can give them away. Of course the irony is that in the process of sharing these qualities, they are often enhanced. But if you feel you don't have enough love or compassion or knowledge, these are areas that you can strengthen. In The Power of Giving we recommend tithing in all its forms. One of the forms we developed is intrapersonal tithing. This means that you take 10% of your spare time and devote it to increasing your skills, building your health, enhancing your spirituality. Through this process, you will become stronger, more creative, and have more influence. The benefits are enormous. And once you spend this time on yourself, you'll discover that you have an amazing increase in the amount of time and skills you have to share. Simply put, it will increase your ability to give back.

i loved you all the way - janie frickie